NAWCC Chapter 135 Mount Rainier
NAWCC Chapter 135 Mount Rainier

2016 Pacific Northwest Regional

May 5-7 2016

Hotel Murano
Tacoma Washington
Regional Theme   "Art in Horology"

Keynote Speaker
Bob Frishman
Who contributes to each Bulletin an article on “Horology in Art”

The exhibit will include examples where horological items themselves are works of art. This can be seen in examples of fancy porcelain clocks, statue clocks, artistic advertising, fancy grandfather dials, fancy damascening of pocket watch movements,  etc.

Program speakers include:

Banquet Speaker Prof James Evans (University of Puget Sound) discussing new revelations about the Antikythera Mechanism. This was discovered in early 1900’s in a Roman ship wreck and is dated to around 100BC. This mechanical device predicted solar and lunar eclipses and was based on the Babylonian 235 month calendar.

Steve Nelson (Bulletin author of Technical Tidbits) will present2 talks on disassembly and assembly of a 3 weight Vienna.

Tim Maples, a silversmith, will present a talk on repair of white metal castings such as swinger clock supports, fancy cast watch holders, etc

Phil Johansen will show his development of custom configured computer controlled machinery to make wheels and pinions for wrist watch parts.

Paul Middents will discuss bringing public time to the Northwest and the contribution of Joseph Mayer to the street clocks of the West Coast.

Hotel Murano

1320 Broadway Plaza

Tacoma Washington 98402

United States


(866) 986-8083

Local (253) 238-8000

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