NAWCC Chapter 135 Mount Rainier

March, 2010


The meeting was called to order by President Al McBride.  There were 21 members and 3 guests present.   Jack and Elinor Goldberg were here from San Jacinto Chapter 139 in Houston, TX.  Jack offered to give a Power Point show concerning watches at our next meeting.  Milt and Sue Davidson’s daughter Kathy Gotti, from Bath, Maine was also present.  Eric Jenkins introduced Mike Mallory as a guest.  Our new member, Steve Andrus, spoke about his interest in pocket watches.  We were also happy to have Cleo and Helen McDorman and Bob and Nancy Reichel back after periods of absence. 
The group thanked host’s Al McBride and Richard Schneider for sharing their museum like home and the hosts, as well as Stan and Julia Mueller and Karla Schweinfurth for the snacks. 
Treasurer’s report:  Leonard Winchell reported that we have 42 paid up members with 23 more to go.   “Dues”  is $15.00, payable to NAWCC Chapter #135 and to be sent to Leonard.  The drawing for a year free membership for those who had paid their dues before 12/31/09 was won by Milt Davidson!

Jack And Elinor Goldberg

Old Business:

1.     Regional:  Karla Schweinfurth is in charge of Red Caps for the Regional in Spokane.  She is looking for volunteers.
2.    Jerry Cooper reported on the request from someone in Olympia, Washington who could appraise a clock collection.  The person has since passed away and the request is currently on hold.
3.    Chapter 135 Website:  Chet Ekstrand passed around samples of web pages being designed for Chapter 50 and proposed that they serve as a base for the proposed Chapter 135 site.  Membership generally agreed with the concept and embraced moving forward on the effort.  Chet will work with John Runciman to refine the concept.
4.    Norwest Voc'Tech LLC Watch/Clock classes:  The watch class is doing OK.  The clock class needs more people to enroll in it to keep it going.
5.    Joint meeting with Chapter #50, Washington Watchmakers - Clockmakers Association (WWCA) and Chapter #135 - July 11th at the Shoreline Museum is the proposed date/location.  Chet and Stan Mueller will follow through on this.  Update:  WWCA has agreed to the plan and Tom Payne (of Chapter 50 and WWCA) has agreed to be responsible for planning the program.
Sunshine:  It was reported that long time member, Maynard Saunders had died.  His memorial service will be on Friday, March 12th.  It was also reported that Paul Middents is improving following surgery

New Business:

1.     There was discussion on Clare Bungay’s proposal to have the $15.00 dues to be for a two-year period rather than one, in an effort to stimulate membership.  In general, the group felt that the proposal would have minimal effect on membership and that it would, over time, erode financial reserves which are essential for things such as regional meetings.  A motion was made and unanimously approved to maintain the status quo ($15.00/year).
2.    Stan Mueller reported that he had heard from “old-time” member, Andy Baudino, and that he informed Stan that he is unable to be active in this chapter again.
3.    Meeting Sign-up:  It was suggested that we have a sheet at each meeting for people to sign  and to add and/correct any information, such as; new address, new e-mail address, etc.
There being no further news, the business meeting was adjourned.

Show and Tell (The Secret Letter was “P”):

1.     Jerry Cooper showed a Seth Thomas “Paperweight” clock.

2.    Julia Mueller, who has previously authored an article on “Character Watches” for the NAWCC Bulletin, passed around a collection of “Puyallup” Fair watches (right) and a “Pepsi” watch”
Julia Mueller “Character Watches”

3.    Stan Mueller showed a pocket watch by “Patek Philippe” and a “Pirelli Tire Girard-Perregaux!”

4.    Bob Reichel (right), our resident NAWCC Fellow, presented a fascinating discussion of the development of the “Pendulum” from early efforts by Galileo in 1581 to successful development of a pendulum clock by Christian Huygens in 1656.  He also discussed challenges in pendulum design and a formula (below) for pendulum error correction!
Bob ReichelBob Reichel

5.    Milt Davidson  showed an interesting (and heavy!) Emory and Douglas “Porthole” clock.

Milt Davidson Emory and Douglas “Porthole”
6.    Karla Schweinfurth showed a wall mounted “Pocket” watch

7.    Richard Schneider showed a “POPPO” Japanese cuckoo clock.

Richard Schneider “POPPO” Japanese cuckoo clock.

8.    Al  McBride showed a reproduction of a “Peddler” clock.

Al McBride showed “Peddler” clock
Program:  A presentation on “Big Ben” by Karla Schweinfurth was planned, but due to the limited time available, Karla graciously agreed to present at a later meeting.  Karla did briefly discuss some of the fascinating statistics and facts about Big Ben, stimulating interest in the now future and fascinating presentation.

April, 2010


The meeting was called to order by President Al McBride. There were 18 members and 3 guests present. One of the guests was Ward Tingley, a friend of Erick Jenkins (of Chapter 135). Ward is the proprietor of Heirloom Clocks of Tacoma, Washington - Ward expressed interest in Chapter 135 and in participation in the Puyallup Fair booth.
The group thanked host’s Julia and Stan Mueller for their gracious hospitality and for once again making their home available when no other meeting place was available!

Old Business:

1. Chapter 135 Website: Chet Ekstrand reviewed the new Chapter 135 website which can be accessed at: John Runciman, NAWCC Fellow and webmaster for the site was present and was thanked for his contribution, including achieving efficiencies with respect to the cost of the site. Chet and John will work together to refine the website with a primary goal of using it to attract interest in the chapter and, hopefully, new members.
2. July Meeting: All were reminded of the now scheduled joint meeting with Chapter #50, Washington Watchmakers - Clockmakers Association (WWCA) and Chapter #135 – Sunday, July 11th at the Shoreline Museum. Tom Payne (of Chapter 50 and WWCA) is responsible for planning the program and updates will follow as more information becomes available. This meeting will be in place of the previously planned Chapter 135 meeting on July 10th. Volunteers are needed to assist with setup for the meeting.
3. Puyallup Fair: All were reminded that it is time to begin planning for the Puyallup Fair, which will be September 10th through the 26th. It is estimated that there will be 68 time slots for Chapters 135 and 50 to fill for purposes of manning the fair booth. It is hoped that Bill Brengman will brief on fair planning at the next Chapter 135 meeting. Chet Ekstrand has accepted an assignment to update the list used at the fair of watch/clock repair persons.
4. Chapter 135 Meeting Locations: At the time of the meeting, we had no hosts for the October and November meetings. Andy Baudino had previously offered to host a meeting and Stan Mueller agreed to contact him. Stan did follow up and Andy has agreed to host the November 6th meeting. A host/location is still needed for the October meeting. Since no meeting occurs in May due to the Regional in Spokane, the next meeting will be in June at the Winchell’s home in University Place Tacoma

New Business:

1. President McBride brought a book received from NAWCC, called “50 Years of Time. The book is currently on loan to Bob Alley. Let Bob know if you would like to review it next.
2. John Runciman, NAWCC Fellow, recently gave a presentation on “Timing Machines” at a Washington Watchmakers - Clockmakers Association meeting and he has offered to repeat it at the upcoming Chapter 135 meeting in June.
3. There being no urgent further new business, the business meeting was adjourned, to allow sufficient time for the program.


1. Julia and Stan Mueller have advised that Bob (Robert Leeds) Macomber Jr., previously a member of Chapter 135, passed away on February 27, 2010. His son-in-law, Julien Berg, has a clock repair shop in Sequim, where Bob helped him with the clock repair. An obituary is available at the following:

2. Chapter 135 was contacted by a jeweler in Aberdeen, WA, indicating he had a large number of railroad pocket watches (Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham, etc.) for sale. The watches were from his father’s estate and had been collected over many years. Anyone interested should contact John Stullick (Stullick Jewelry) at 360-533-3848


Jack Goldberg , from San Jacinto Chapter 139 in Houston, TX, presented a fascinating PowerPoint presentation on The Gruen Watch Company – From Beginning to End.
The presentation is a fascinating review of the history of the Gruen Watch Company as well as a look at many of the watchmaking innovations introduced by the Gruen family. In addition, Jack showed pictures of cases, dials and movements (sample below) for many of the high-end Gruen pocket and wrist watches; many of which are in his personal collection. Chapter 135 is privileged to have had such a noted expert as Jack present this fascinating information and he was thanked by all present. Chet Ekstrand has a copy of Jack’s presentation which will be available for viewing at Chapter meetings.

Jack Goldberg

June, 2010

The June meeting was at the home of Leonard and Leslie Winchell. The hospitality of the hosts and their charming home, with its many collectibles (mostly Americana and Horological), were a delight to all. Further, it was a beautiful day and the meeting was held outside in their charming and spacious back yard. To top things off, a delightful array of munchies and beverages were provided by the host and hostess, with the assistance of Sue and Milt Davidson.

It was a good turnout with over 24 members and five guests present! Much to the delight of Chapter 135 members, the guests included three students from the prestigious North Seattle Community College WOSTEP- SAWTA (Watchmakers of Switzerland Technical Education Program)-(Swiss America Watchmaker Training Alliance) watch repair training program! WOSTEP- SAWTA students were Brittany Cox, Dave McConnon who each spoke briefly about their backgrounds and career plans.

Brittany Cox   


The meeting was called to order by President Al McBride. The group thanked the Winchell’s for their gracious hospitality and making their home available to the group as well as the Davidson’s for helping with what was nearly a feast!
Treasurer’s report: Leonard Winchell reported on the number of members (45) current with dues. It was decided that, during the August meeting, members would review the list of those who have not renewed and discuss strategies for encouraging renewal. Subsequent to the business portion of the meeting two new members (Alan Caron and David Danielson) signed up! Welcome aboard, Alan and David!


Puyallup Fair:

Long-time and highly regarded Chapter 135 member, Julia Mueller, once again rose to the challenge and agreed to be the chairperson for the Puyallup Fair. Phil Wirth, Stan Mueller, and Bob Selene committed, as always, to support the effort. Chet Ekstrand has accepted an assignment to update the list used at the fair of watch/clock repair persons. The fair which will be September 10th through the 26th and there will be approximately 68 time slots for Chapters 135 and 50 to fill for purposes of manning the fair booth. As of the July multi-chapter meeting there were still a number of slots unfilled and it is requested that members come to the August meeting having checked their availability to support the effort and prepared to sign up for open slots. The open slots include: 9/12 am and pm; 9/13 pm; 9/17 pm; 9/18 pm; 9/19 pm; 9/20 pm; 9/21 pm; 9/22 pm; 9/24 am and pm; 9/25 pm; 9/26 am and pm. The am slot is from 10 am to 3 pm. The pm slot is from 3pm to 9pm. You receive free admission and parking tickets. Contact Julia Mueller is you wish to sign up before the next meeting.

Pacific Northwest (Spokane Washington) Regional:

Members attending briefed on the Spokane Regional. Unfortunately, due to declining attendance a decision has been made to cease Regional’s in Spokane. As a result planning will go forward for Regional’s in the Seattle and Portland areas on alternating years. The Mueller’s and Selene’s from Chapter 135 are shown participating in the mart (below):

Chapter 135 Web Site:

The new web site is up and running and has shown some promise in attracting interest in the chapter. Members are requested to visit the site and offer comments and suggestions for improvement. Our very capable webmaster and NAWCC Fellow, John Runciman is putting a great deal of effort into improving the web site and is currently working on developing a members-only section which will be accessible by a password. During the meeting John asked for general interest photographs (such as from past Regional’s and the Puyallup Fair) which can be displayed on the web site and used to attract interest to our activities. Such photos can be emailed to John or Chet Ekstrand. John’s e-mail is available on the web site, which can be accessed at Chapter 135  web site.

June Program:

The Program for the June meeting was focused on a Show & Tell of Horological items with a relationship to the letter “S”. With the imagination of the 135 crowd being “unlimited” the relationship to the letter “S” was found to be non-confining! While some members confined themselves to a showing of fine examples of South Bend watches, Seth Thomas clocks and such, other members demonstrated the lack of limits of their imagination and delighted the group in a less traditional way. As space precludes showing of all the show and tell items, some examples follow:

Richard Schneider, collector of Horological items and other historical artifacts, shows an excellent example of an early Seth Thomas. Richard also showed historical documents related to the Shoreline School District

Bob Reichel, long-time NAWCC member, NAWCC Fellow, and Chapter 135’s “Horological Professor” capitalized on the opportuity to educate the group on the tools and terms of the clockmakers trade, with focus on Screws (including Screwdriver and Slots), end Shake, Shellac, Soldering, Stopworks, Suspension Spring, and Soap! As always, Bob was interesting and Informative!

Stan Mueller presented a fascinating discussion of Sperm oil as an odiferous mainspring lubricant and showed an example of a fake Seiko! The assembled group, while familiar with such items a fake Rolexes was a bit surprised by the existence of what was quite a good quality fake Seiko!

Not to be outdone, Julia Mueller (Stan’s wife, long-time NAWCC member and highly regarded collector of and expert on “Character Watches”) departed from her typical focus on such watches and showed a Solar watch!

NAWCC Chapter 50 President, Jerry Cooper, showed an example of a Chelsea “Searchlight” clock.

Chapter 135 Webmaster and NAWCC Fellow, John Runciman, showed and discussed the function of a Sargent & Greenleaf Safe clock (timing device).

Chet Ekstrand, Chapter 135 Secretary, showed a South Bend “The Studebaker” and an early Springfield Watch Company “Stuart” model, SN 74!
Brittany Cox  one of the WOSTEP meeting guests, was encouraged to participate and showed an early English watch she had restored during her time in the WOSTEP Program.

Nico (Brittany) Cox, one of the WOSTEP meeting guests, was encouraged to participate and showed an early English watch she had restored during her time in the WOSTEP Program.
Solatr Clock

Bob Selene, with the assistance of Chapter 135 Treasurer Leonard Winchell, showed a unique and rare Montre Royale Electronique Solar clock from the collection of Red Skeleton!

July, 2010

The July meeting was a joint meeting of Chapters 50 and 135, as well as the Washington Watchmakers - Clockmakers Association. The WWCA is a chapter of the American watch and clock makers Institute (AWCI). Its members range from hobbyists learning watch repair and or clock repair, certified master watchmakers (CW21)  and master clockmakers. On Sunday, July 11th at the Shoreline Museum Seattle Washington. Tom Payne (of Chapter 50 and WWCA) was responsible for planning the program. Representatives were also present from Chapter 121 in British Columbia Canada who made an appeal for U.S. participation in the annual Bar-B-Que and Bocce Ball Tournament!
A social hour and mart was held with a wonderful buffet and refreshments provided by the Chet and Kathy Ekstrand, Karla Schweinfurth and Phil and Ellen Wirth. Several Mart tables were present with a great deal of interest in offered items (see below)

Presenter: Mark Smith of Seattle Watch Repair:

Since childhood Mark has been keenly interested in the art, science, and technology of watch making. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in biology and chemistry and has been working in technical fields all his life. Mark is an expert pocket watch repair professional, a member of AWCI and a WWCA Vice President.


 Mark will present "H4 - The Search for the Marine Chronometer". The presentation will be a brief summary of Great Britain's effort to solve the problem of longitude, John Harrison, his time and struggle, and his genius, a description of H4 from Rubert Gould's book, and a little on Rupert Gould who gets the credit for bringing John Harrison's life and genius back to the fore of public think


A marine chronometer is a clock which is precise enough to be used as a portable time standard; that can therefore be used to enable determination of longitude by means of celestial navigation. When first developed in the eighteenth century it was a major technical achievement, as accurate knowledge of the time over a long sea voyage was necessary for precise navigation. The first true chronometer was the life work of one man, John Harrison, spanning 31 years of persistent trial and error that revolutionized naval (and later aerial) navigation as the Age of Discovery and Colonialism hit a new gear.
The creation of a timepiece which would work reliably at sea was difficult.
Until the 20th century the best timekeepers were pendulum clocks, but the rolling of a ship at sea made a simple gravity-based pendulum useless.
John Harrison, a Yorkshire carpenter, began a project in 1730, and completed in 1735 a clock based on a pair of counter-oscillating weighted beams connected by springs whose motion was not influenced by gravity or the motion of a ship. His first two sea timepieces (H1 and H2), completed in 1741, used this system; but he realized that they had a fundamental sensitivity to centrifugal force, which meant that they could never be accurate enough at sea. Construction of his third version in 1759 (designated H3) included novel circular balances and the invention of the bi-metallic strip and caged roller bearings; inventions which are still widely used. H3's circular balances proved too inaccurate and he eventually abandoned the large machines.

Harrison solved the precision problems with his much smaller H4 chronometer design in 1761. H4 looked much like a large five-inch (12 cm) diameter pocket watch. In 1761 Harrison submitted H4 for the 20,000 longitude prize that had been offered by the British government in 1714. His design used a fast-beating balance controlled by a temperature-compensated spiral spring.
This general layout remained in use until stable electronic oscillators allowed very accurate portable timepieces to be made at affordable cost.
Harrison then published his work with Principles of Mr. Harrison's time-keeper in 1767.

Meeting Minutes - August & September, 2010


As a result of support of the Puyallup Fair, there is no September meeting; therefore, this Newsletter will report on the August meeting and early September preparations for the fair.
The August meeting was held at the lakeside home of Kathy and Chet Ekstrand. Since early August weather is almost always nice, the Ekstrand’s had planned for an outdoor/indoor social period and meeting, however, the weather did not cooperate and, most of the event was conducted indoors. Nonetheless, a few hardy souls did brave the elements and venture outside See below for pictures of the early (social) part of the meeting:

Kathy Ekstrand preparing lunch.Seattle area August weather!
          Kathy Ekstrand preparing lunch.                 Seattle area August weather!

Folks arriving.Brave souls venturing outside - neat shorts Bob!
          Folks arriving.                               Brave souls venturing outside - neat shorts Bob!

August Business Meeting


Julia Mueller Chet Ekstrand
As President Al McBride was not present due to health reasons, the meeting was called to order, by Secretary Chet Ekstrand, who was assisted by “Wonder Woman” Julia Mueller, who’s willingness to always help is very much appreciated!

There were 29 members and guests in attendance. New attendees included Ward Tingley, Alan and Charlotte Caron, and Dave Danielson. A big round of applause was given to Kathy Ekstrand and her friend, neighbor and co-chef, Sally McDonough, for a delicious lunch.
The minutes of the June/July meetings had been sent out before hand and were approved. Appreciation was expressed to Chet Ekstrand for his efforts to improve the minutes/newsletter including inclusion of pictures and related “commentary!”
Sunshine Report: Ellen Wirth reported a card had been sent to President Al McBride who is undergoing chemotherapy. The members all expressed concern regarding Al’s health challenges and expressed a hearty “Get well Al!”
Treasurers Report: Treasurer, Leonard Winchell, reported that we have 47 paid-up members. As we approach the end of the year, he reminded members that annual dues ($15.00) will be coming up and that he will be contacting non-current members in an effort to encourage them to renew their membership and again become active.

Old Business

Chapter 135 Website - John Runciman, Chapter 135 Webmaster, reported on the new and ever-improving Chapter 135 website which can be found at: There is a new Member’s Only area which will require a user name and password for access.  The Members Only area is still under development, but at the moment contains presentation information from Chapter meetings. Members expressed appreciation to John for his contributions in developing the website.

October Meeting – Jerry Cooper agreed that he and Karla will host the October 2nd meeting at their home. Thanks Jerry and Karla! A formal meeting notice will follow later this week.
As President Al McBride was not present due to health reasons, the meeting was called to order, by Secretary Chet Ekstrand, who was assisted by “Wonder Woman” Julia Mueller, who’s willingness to always help is very much appreciated

Puyallup Fair  – Julia Mueller is seeking members to staff the fair booth – those interested are to contact her. It was proposed that the Chapter 135 website include a section on our annual participation in the fair and Julia agreed to prepare a write-up on the activity for the site. Additionally, Julia and the Wirth’s will provide pictures of previous such events. Chet Ekstrand is updating the list of repair persons for the fair and, after lively discussion, the members agreed the list should be assembled in such a way that it may be made available for viewing by those who visit the booth. It remains important, however, that we not be perceived as being there for the purpose of promoting members businesses, so the lists will not be handed out and those viewing the lists will need to write down relevant information.

New Business

West Coast Clock and Watch Museum – Paul Middents reported that the museum in Bellingham soon it will be open from Wednesday to Saturday. Ernie Lopez, museum curator and member of our chapter has established a new exhibit and members were encouraged to visit. Contact Ernie or visit the museum website for more information. Chet Ekstrand and others commented very positively on last fall’s tour up to the Museum that was organized by Bob Reichel. Bob reported that tour costs had been subsidized by Chapter 135 and box lunches had been made available for about $10.00. Following discussion, Ward Tingley agreed to check on the possibility of organizing another tour this fall. Paul Middents will join discussions with Ernie Lopez and Ward regarding logistics.

Bob Reichel reported that Chris Bailey, curator of the American Clock & Watch Museum (in Connecticut), has retired due to health. Chris was very active in NAWCC, had been involved in the museum for over thirty years and had authored numerous books and articles on clocks and watches in America. He also wrote the history of the clock companies that appear at the beginning of each chapter in Tran Duy Ly's guide books.
Since there was no more new business, the formal meeting was adjourned.


Chet introduced NAWCC Fellow John Runciman who presented a historical review of and discussed the technical capabilities of watch/clock timing machines. He also brought examples of a variety of timing machines. John, having a background in both electronics and watchmaking is an expert in the use and capability of such machines and has been following their development from the early days to those now being manufactured in regions as diverse as Switzerland and China! Those assembled very much appreciated the effort John put into development of such an outstanding presentation. A handout and other information relating to John’s presentation is available on the Chapter 135 Website in the “Members Only Area.”

Meeting Minutes - October 2010


The October 2nd meeting was held at the home of Jerry Cooper and Karla Schweinfurth. As usual, they were the consummate hosts; Karla had prepared a number of delightful hot and cold munchies and refreshing beverages, while Jerry assisted!

Karla working hard!Jerry helping!
                             Karla working hard!                   Jerry helping!

Paul Middents brought a number of fascinating books from his extensive collection of antique
horological masterpieces!

 horological masterpieces!

As usual, Jerry and Karla’s museum like home, with their extensive collection of vintage clocks of all kinds was very much enjoyed by all!

Business Meeting

As the President of Chapter 135 was absent due to health reasons, the meeting was called to order by Secretary, Chet Ekstrand. There were 13 members and guests present as a result of numerous members being absent as a result of end of summer vacations. In addition Stan and Julia Mueller were absent as they were celebrating Stan’s 80th birthday with family. The group boisterously wished Stan a very “Happy Birthday!”

Chet introduced Allan Sommarstrom of Seattle, a guest and potential new member of either Chapter 50 or 135 and asked him to tell a little about his interests. Allan is a “pocket watch” guy, having had his interest initially stimulated by the inheritance of a beautiful Keystone Howard, from his grandfather. He brought the Howard with him and it as well as its original boxes and papers were examined by all present. He also brought a beautiful Hamilton 992B which garnered considerable attention. Allan’s participation was very much enjoyed and he was highly encouraged to join a local chapter

Allan SommarstromHoward WATCH
                        Allan Sommarstrom                         Allan’s Howard!

Old Business

Treasurer’s report – Leonard Winchell was absent on vacation on the Oregon coast, but he sent in a report. Currently, the Chapter has 48 paid up members. Leonard also sent in a reminder that dues of $15.00 will soon be due for 2011.

August/September Minutes – Were accepted by membership
West Coast Watch and Clock Museum – It was reported that plans to move the museum to California now appear to be unlikely and effort continues to assure a viable presence in Bellingham Washington.

New Business

Pacific Northwest Regional 2012 – Karla Schweinfurth brought up the need to begin planning for the Puget Sound based 2012 Regional. Karla offered to play a leadership role which was applauded by those present. A “theme” for the event of “Military Timepieces” was suggested by Karla and supported by those present. It was suggested that Paul Middents would be a great keynote speaker on the topic and he indicated willingness to consider such. Much discussion also ensued with respect to the need to create an opportunity for more involvement by the public and, as a result, enhance the opportunities for increasing membership in local NAWCC Chapters. There was a view voiced by most (but not all) present, that the related Mart should be open to the public; a not insignificant challenge with Washington State sales tax requirements. All agreed the challenges needed to be better understood and the potential opportunities (or lack thereof) needed to be defined. A working group for 2012 planning needs to be put in place to deal with all of the above.
Chapter 135 Officers – President Al McBride has indicated that he will be unable to continue in office as a result of his medical issues and ongoing treatment. Additionally, Chet Ekstrand is Chapter Secretary as well as continuing to act as Vice President for Programs. Chet Ekstrand indicated nominations (self or otherwise) for Chapter officers were needed for 2012.
Membership – The ongoing challenges in sustaining membership levels and attracting new members, as recently highlighted in correspondence from Clare Bungay, were discussed. While all present rejected the notion that Chapter membership fees ($15/Year) were a deterrent to membership, all did agree that the reasons for declining membership needed to be better understood and addressed.

Chapter 135 Board of Directors

NAWCC recommends, but does not require, that Chapters have such a Board and Chet Ekstrand proposed that a Board be put in place that includes current and immediate past officers. He further suggested that the Board take up the development of a slate of Officers for 2012 and the development of plan for encouraging Chapter membership. He proposed that he attempt to call a Board meeting prior to the November meeting and, hopefully, report out at that meeting. Those present approved the proposal and effort is underway to call the meeting. If successful, a separate mailing will announce the meeting and those not identified as Board members will be welcome to attend.

Puyallup FairJulia Mueller

Numerous individuals present gave glowing reports of the success of the NAWCC booth at the fair. It is believed that the booth is the “Number One” attraction in the Hobby Hall. While the exhibits are always a hit, the availability of working clock models was recognized as a major attraction for children. The need for an exhibit of women’s timepieces in the 2011 exhibit was identified. The outstanding efforts of Julia Mueller in organizing the event and planning staffing were applauded by all, as was the effort put forth by the Mueller’s, Selene’s and Wirth’s to put together (and tear down) the exhibit. Display items by the Ekstrand’s, Mueller’s, Reichel’s, Selene’s and Tingley’s were very much appreciated by Chapter members and fair-going public.
Julia Mueller was recognized by the Puyallup Fair for her outstanding contributions to its success!


As a result of limited attendance and the length of time allowed for discussion, it was decided that the Program would be delayed until a future meeting. The meeting was called to close by Secretary Chet Ekstrand.

Meeting Minutes - November 2010

The meeting was held at the Washington home of Andy and Rosemary Andy is a long-time NAWCC member and one of the founding fathers of Chapter 135, as well as having played a major role in initiating the NAWCC presence at the Puyallup Fair. 

November Business Meeting Highlights

Julia Muller
Chet Ekstrand, Chapter 135 Secretary conducted a brief business meeting. He noted that the event was the best attended meeting in recent memory. Chet presented an award on behalf of Puyallup Fair leadership to Julia Muller (near right), for her outstanding leadership in organizing the NAWCC booth for the Puyallup Fair! The business meeting was cut short to allow time for viewing of the clock collection and hear Andy speak.

Meeting Minutes - December 2010

NAWCC Chapter 50 & 135 Christmas Party a delight to all who attend

The Christmas party was hosted by Chapter 50 President, Jerry Cooper, and held at the Seattle Best Western Executive Inn. Following a mart and brunch, there was a drawing for door prizes and then a program by Mark Smith, NAWCC Member and Proprietor of Seattle Watch Repair. Mark’s Program; “US Watch Industry from 1857 to 1969 - The Rise and Fall of an American Icon,” was a delight to all who attended

Bob Gross Passes Away

Bob Gross On November 14th, longtime NAWCC member and clock collector, Bob Gross, passed away at the age of 90. Prior to his retirement, Bob had practiced dentistry in North Seattle for over 40 years! Bob and his wife, Pat, have long been active participants in Chapter 50 and 135 activities and have an extensive collection of Swiss Neuchatel clocks. Bob’s friendship and expertise was appreciated and highly valued by his many fellow horologists and he will be very much missed. We offer our condolences to Pat and family. Pat was present at the recent Chapter 50 and 135 Christmas party and prior to leaving wrote a check for the next two years membership in Chapter 135! We are grateful to have Pat’s continued membership and valued participation.

Sue Davidson Succumbs to Cancer

Sue DavidsonMuch to the shock of our membership, Sue Davidson, a longtime contributor to the success of Chapter 135, succumbed to her battle with cancer on December 21st. Sue and her husband, Milt Davidson, long-time NAWCC member and past Chapter officer of many years standing, have been tireless supporters of NAWCC. Although Sue had been battling her illness for some time, she remained active in Chapter activities to the very end. In late November she organized the Chapters support of the Steilacoom Historical Museum’s fund raising activities at the Nathanial Orr Home Site. And, little more than a week before her passing, she attended the Chapter 50/135 Christmas party. Sue's memorial will be Jan. 15 at 1:00 pm at Oberlin Church in Steilacoom, WA.

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